The Station Theatre is run by Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society (HIADS)

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If you would like to get involved and appear on a real stage, then why not attend HIADS next Reading or Casting.

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The Hayling Island Station Theatre is run by HIADS (Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society). The Station Theatre puts on HIADS productions (plays and pantomimes) and also has productions by outside groups and performers as well as showing blockbuster films every month.

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The Prison Poster

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8:00pm, Seats at £3.
Wheelchair seats are available from the box office

HIADS Film Showing:

The Prison

Premier of this film by Alistair Harris

A modern day take on the Stanford Prison Experiment, "The Prison" explores the extent to which our behaviour can be manipulated by the environment in which we find ourselves. The film shows the experiences of 10 young men as they participate in a psychological study in which they are plunged into a fake but nonetheless hostile prison environment, whereby half are labelled guards, and half are labelled prisoners. However after just a few days of the guards and prisoners settling into their new roles, the experiment goes horribly wrong.

This is a 40 minute film by Alistair Harris which was supported by HIADS members, some of whom appear in the film.

Cert 18, 40 mins

Click Here to see a trailer.